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First steps after onboarding

How to configure visiosaas-oi for the first time. Learn about Company profiles, product and subscription configuration, personalisation of labels und much more.

Company configurations

visiosaas-oi allows you to configure several company profiles with individual templates, banking informations and connected payment gateways. This is mainly useful for agencies but also for smaller companies running different brands.
To better use this instruction, you can click on every image. It opens in a Lightbox.

Login Screen

After ordering, you get an email with login credentials and a link to the backend of your instance. Open this link in a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox and insert your personal login credential. As you are the first user, you are a SuperAdmin and have full power.

1. Step: Create your first company profile

Goto menu Configurations and select Company Profile. Then click on the green button Create Company and fill in all the informations.
If you manage several companies or different brands and want to have different quote, order and invoice template, you can create various company profiles.

2. Step: Configure your payment gateway

You need to configure a payment gateway for each company profile. Goto menu Configurations and select Payment Gateways. Select your company profile in the first dropdown, choose your payment gateway (for the moment only Mollie or Stripe) and insert the credentials you got from the Gateway provider. Please note, that you have to be approved by the payment gateway provider prior to insert keys in visiosaas-oi. If you need help for registration at gateway provider, see our dedicated help section for Mollie or Stripe.
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