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Project Roadmap

Our product plans for 2018 and 2019

Disappointing situation

23 July 2018

Tired of trying to find an invoicing solution for our company, fitting all needs of our multi-brand environment, we decide to develop our own solution.

First concept

30 July 2018

In our first concept we fix the following elements for our new solution:

visiosaas-oi feature list

Main part of functionalities done

30 September 2018

We implemented all features of SaaS products / standard products / services configurator and all of Order, Quote, Invoice functionality.

Access for customer

15 October 2018

The main part of Customer management and customer access to invoice/dashboard finished.

USP is finally ready

15 November 2018

The most important USP is finished: Promotion and Marketing with a landingpage creator and templates for order pages are now possible for all subscription products and all company brands.

Configuration options are done

30 November 2018

visiosaas-oi has now configuration options for multilanguage (en, de), multi-company, multi-currencies, VAT, payment conditions and labels for quotes, orders and invoices. 

Simple ticketing and FAQ system

15 December 2018

To help companies support their customer, we implemented a simple ticketing and FAQ system for logged-in users.

Payment gateways for normal invoices

31 December 2018

We implement two payment gateways for normal invoices: Mollie and Stripe. The customer can now pay their invoices via frontend access.

Payment gateways for normal subscriptions

05 January 2019

The two payment gateways are now ready for subscriptions too.

Redesign of templates

15 January 2019

Redesign of order page templates, to be more modern and to allow various types of subscription products, from simple to complex products.

Automatic sending of new invoices

18 January 2019

Last function before product launch: all invoices will be sent to customer via email and a link to customer dashboard is produced. This allows the customer to pay the invoice via email.

Product launch

24/25 January 2019

Yeppiii, we launch our product for public access at sTARTUp days in Tartu, Estonia. Be our guest at Stand A14, visiomarketing oü, we are happy to show you visiosaas-oi!

More payment gateways

15 February 2019

We will add more payment gateways: Paypal, Amazon Payments, and Paddle as a first step and then second also WePay,  autorize.net, and 2Checkout. Depending on customer request, we may change that order. 

Add data exchange with main accounting software

28 February 2019

To facilitate customer's business process, we integrate data-exchange with two main accounting software: Xero and Quickbook. Data exchange will happen via Rest API or file export.

Automatic deployment

31 March 2019

Every SaaS business or software company needs to deploy in a way or another her codebase or has to create instances for every customer with own subdomain, user and access rights as well as a basic set of data. visiosaas-oi will implement a deploy routine for Runcloud servers on Digital Ocean droplets. This deployment interface will be very flexible in order to allow customized deployment. Upon customer request, we will implement other deployment methods and other cloud platforms.

eCommerce version for normal products or services

30 April 2019

Beside subscription management we support normal product and service invoicing. Thats why we plan a simple eCommerce extension with shopping cart. This helps promoting and sale of the normal, not subscription-based, products and services a company has.

"The road to success is always under construction."

Oliver Gasser

Founder & Digital CPU, loving this citation of Steve Maraboli

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